5 Hello Kitty Birthday Party Games & Ideas

Throwing a great Hello Kitty starts with the perfect little girl! If you are throwing a Hello Kitty party it’s all about the princess first. After making sure the princess is taken care of grabbing some great decorations, awesome party favors, good treats to eat, and fun games is going to be key to successful Hello Kitty birthday party. Read this list of Hello Kitty Party ideas and your sure to throw a bash that will have girls jealous for years to come!

1. The Dress

Every party princess must have the right dress and if your going to throw a Hello Kitty birthday party, you must have the perfect Hello Kitty dress to go along. Check out just some of these supper cute and sassy Hello Kitty party dresses. You can order these in a variety of sizes as well as party dresses for younger girls as well!

hk decorations2. Hello Kitty Party Decorations

This Hello Kitty party decorations kit is highly inexpensive and includes everything you need to throw a good sized Hello Kitty birthday party. One thing I did notice though is that you will need to get some party favors. What birthday would be complete without treating your guests to a little Hello Kitty goodie bag? Below are some things that I thought would be cute for a wide range of ages. Don’t forget even grown-ups love Hello Kitty!

3. Hello Kitty Cake

If you aren’t that savvy in the kitchen I wouldn’t worry. Many bakeries now offer Hello Kitty themed birthday cakes but if you do decied to save a few bucks you should find it pretty easy to please a crowd of Hello Kitty fans when it comes to sweets. One idea that I thought was extremely simple is just making Hello Kitty Cupcakes. You can buy the plastic rings that press down into the frosting and it will give the girls and added Hello Kitty party favor. You can also purchase a great Hello Kitty cupcake tier. If you do feel a bit more adventurous you might try your hand at a Hello Kitty cake yourself.

Now days you can buy a Hello Kitty cake pan and due to the simple structure of the Hell Kitty face your sure to master the technique in now time as well as have an amazing Hello Kitty birthday cake. I even found some great decorating instructions on how to decorate a Hello Kitty cake. In the video they have you cut the cake from a template however I highly suggest going with the Hello Kitty shaped cake pan. Use lots of spray on cooking spray to make sure your cake pops out nice and easy. Once you have that down, this video makes frosting the cake a breeze. You can check it out here.

I’ve mastered the cake thing but really cookies have never been my cup of tee. If however you find yourself a bit better at the cookie decorating game you might try a Hello Kitty shaped cookie cutter!

4. Hello Kitty Party Games

Depending on the age range I think you might be surprised at how many Hello Kitty party game options are available. Many of your extremely popular board games are available in Hello Kitty version such as Monopoly and Yahtzee. For larger groups of Hello Kitty fans I found two game options. Hello Kitty party bingo and Hello Kitty Dream Balloons game which is sort of like a Hello Kitty inspired pin the tail on the donkey type game. If all else fails it might be time to bust out the Hello Kitty Karaoke machine! lol

5. Hello Kitty Crafts

I think doing crafts at a Hello Kitty birthday party is a great idea. Not only do the girls get to express their love for Hello Kitty but they also get to put a little of their own style into it. Crafts also make a great birthday party favor replacement as the girls will also have something to take home with them. Here is some great ideas that I’m sure any girl would love to do at a birthday party!


I hope this article has given you some really great ideas for your next Hello Kitty birthday party! One thing Hello Kitty would want you to remember, Small Gift, Big Smile! Don’t stress over throwing a party, when Hello Kitty fans are involved there is sure to be fun!